21 March, 2009

I know there's a shop under all these projects...

Welcome to my blog. I'm David Hostetler, computer geek, outdoorsman, and hobbyist woodworker. This blog is predominantly about my woodworking, and how it impacts other areas of my life.

I was inspired by Marc Spagnulo's The Wood Whisperer website, to throw together my own little humble website. Marc does a WHOLE lot more with his than I ever want to with mine. His is more of a means to make a living, where mine is an expression of my hobby... I don't have the time, talent, or sponsorship to make a living doing a website, blogs, and podcasts about woodworking. And I don't want to compete with the likes of Marc. I have other irons in the fire that I am working there which are not the subject of this blog.

If you found my blog via blogger, this blog is going to be attached to my personal web page at http://home/earthlink.net/~dbhost. For now that site is a virtual tour of my home workshop and my woodworking hobby. I intend to grow it to something a bit more substantial later on though.

So today's entry is simply the forward to a book in progress. If you haven't seen one of my previous blogs before, they tend to be stream of consciousness affairs. I hope you can follow allong, and enjoy the ride while I am still steering straight. There is lots of work left to do in order to tie the web site and the blog together, but the bog will stay hosted on blogspot, so I can keep my Earthlink account somewhat freed up. Earthlink in still in the Mid 90s with the amount of hosting space they allow their members.

Well, I am off to my shop, at least I think there is a shop down under there. You see I have a kitty condo, a couple of flower boxes, kitchen cabinet doors, and some shop fixture projects going on in there. I sure hope I can find my shop under all of that!

Until next time, keep making sawdust, and stay safe!