26 April, 2017

Basic networking skills. 2 videos today. Terminating RG6 video coaxial cable. Terminating ethernet cables.

In the first video, I show you how to terminate RG6 Coaxial cable using modern compression fittings.

In the second video. I show you how to terminate, and test for continuity Category 5, and Category 6 ethernet cabling. We discuss and illustrate both RJ45 plugs, and RJ45 keystones. We are cabling to the T-568B standard.(See https://www.cableorganizer.com/telecom-datacom/connectors.htm)

If you, or someone you know needs to learn the basics of video or ethernet cabling, please share the link to my videos. Thanks.

18 April, 2017

Progress on the structured wiring

The wall that the structured wiring rack his on is now painted the rack mounted and the low voltage 3 gang wall bracket is installed.
The over the air TV antenna is installed in a temporary location due to some mind changing by my wife.
I have the TV coax switched around and the Android TV box in the master bedroom is working perfectly.
The digital to analog converter box in the living room is working fine however the adapter to convert the HDMI output of the Android TV box to the RCA input of the TV came in defective.
The vendor was kind enough to quickly turn around a replacement for the defective unit. Should be in tomorrow I am looking forward to getting it set up.
I have started pulling the new cable starting with telephone in the kitchen sadly I was unable two pull the old cable out and the new cable through without getting an access hole in the wall due to the original home builder stapling the telephone cable to the studs. I now have the cable run properly and the wall patched where I cut for access.
I am removing all of the original and corroded station wire out of the house as I go through this project. I expect a similar result in the master suite however hi I'm not going to reuse the same phone location so I will most likely simply patch over the box or put a blank plate in its place.
My next step to the project will be to run ethernet and coaxial two the overhead position in the kitchen bay window where the kitchen TV used to mount and we'll once again.
The living room cabling will be fairly simple to move as ut is simply disconnected and pulled up one wall then  down the other.