04 June, 2014

Keeping up the pressure, and adding on for more flow!

As I mentioned previously, I haven't had the 8 gallon hooked up to the system while I was hunting gremlins down. Well I went and hooked it up, and the port it connected to leaked, BADLY... I bubble tested it last night, and it produced so many bubbles it was actually hard to determine exactly where it was coming from!

Instead of trying to reseal the existing 1/4" NPT male x male quick connect plug I simply replaced it, doped the replacement with plenty of pipe thread compound, and installed it tight, but not ham fisted.

The results were thus far good. However I have questionable readout from my gauge on the compressor. It is reading 100 PSI, and hasn't budged...  My compressor is supposed to produce 125 PSI... Either the compressor is failing to produce that pressure, or the regulator isn't reading / regulating correctly... I have a spare 1/4" regulator on hand, it's a simple matter to swap it over and test...

I should mention before any HF haters out there blame Harbor Freight for the funky regulator. The regulator on the 8 gallon is a Husky from Home Depot. I did something stupid and dropped the nail gun right on the original and smashed it to bits. Just about any modern regulator would come flying apart like that. I didn't wait to wait to get a HF regulator. They now carry them in store so no biggie to just grab one, but back then it was a problem...

FWIW, if you have a small compressor with 1/4" fittings on the outfeed and need a good cheap replacement regulator, look at the Central Pneumatic #68223 which is the unit I should have gone with in the first place.

Given this fix, if it all holds, I will then have in / out all sealed up and holding. My flow rating far exceeding any of my tools, and even a good loss factor given to run my tools... I should be a happy camper.

I still want to install the Desiccant Dryer with Oil Removal Filter to insure that my spray guns aren't contaminating sprayed material from the inlet air. Not worried about lubricated tools as I manually lube them... God, and my wife willing, I will be able to have my air system completely done by this weekend so I can move on to other projects...

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