10 April, 2015

Work progress on customizing the Squier Jazz Bass..

I have been flooded with other work, but I am squeezing work on the Jazz Bass in to the few mere moments I can spend in the shop. I am making a bit of progress. I am starting off with the pickups, and have shielded them, first off, I line the top of the pickup cover with the copper foil tape, and make my clean holes for the magnets, insuring there is NO foil in the hole or anywhere it can touch the magnets or any wire...

The next step is to size the foil tape, and wrap the pickup itself in the copper foil tape, again such that it doesn't touch magnets, wire, or solder joints...

And next, wrap tape 1/2" into the inside of the pickup cover, and around the mount lugs of the pickup cover such that when the pickup is inserted into the cover, the conductive side of the tape on the inside of the cover, the mount lug pieces, and the pickup itself are in full contact, making for full continuity.

So now my Duncan Designed Vintage Modified pickups are ready to be installed. I verified the specs with Seymour Duncan site, and measured the resistance and I am spot on, these SHOULD work perfectly when installed!

Next step, shield the inside of the cavities!

My original plan was to copper foil tape the cavities, however with the difficulties I had just getting the foil into the pickup covers, I am leaning HEAVILY toward conductive paint.I found a REALLY good one that is getting rave reviews from the HAM radio guys, guitar guys, and electronic hobbyists... I put it in my Amazon store to make finding the product easier for you! It's MG Chemicals 838 Carbon Conductive Coating. Price is pretty good, and it works super pro...

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