17 October, 2015

Finally have the shop clean enough to work in. Have way too much to do...

For the past far too many months, I have had back problems that have been keeping me out of the shop. Well, time well spent with the doctor, and some physical therapy, and I am back in the shop!

Currently I have a couple of basic glue ups in the clamps for Christmas gifts. As soon as they come out of the clamps, they go to the lathe!

Yep, that's right, turning projects, pretty simple actually for several functional projects.

The material used is regular home center 2x4 southern yellow pine that has been acclimating to my shop for the last 4 years or so. I simply planed 3 chunks smooth and parallel with my Ryobi AP1301 planer, and then went on to clamp them up.

Next step is to clip the ends smooth and square on the miter saw, and find center. The corners of the work pieces will be knocked off in 45 degree angles to I start with long octagons, The reasoning for that is that it will take FAR less time, effort, and wear and tear on me, the lathe, and the gouges to start with. I will have far less material to remove on the lathe basically. Not to mention it is a LOT easier to clean up afterwards.

Once I get the first one turned, I will use the lessons learned from that, and duplicate this 3 more times.

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