23 April, 2016

Pressure gauge replaced, dump valve and output shutoff valve tested and fixed.

See the demo video for the results, but long story short, we replaced the crushed OE pressure gauge with a Central Pnuematic 200PSI filled gauge, added the extension to the tank and added the ball valve as a dump valve (it works great!, We added the shut off valve for the output side and ended up with a bad valve the first time. It leaked around the shaft of the valve when opened, so it was replaced with another one and re tested...

While not holding pressure 100% for extended periods, it IS holding good pressure and I am stumped as to where the leaks could be, but I drop about 10PSI overnight.

No bubbles when soapy water tested though... As of now, I kind of have to say it's good enough, but I will keep digging as time makes itself available.

Sorry it took me so long to get this video out. It would appear my laptop hard drive has seen better days. The laptop isn't that old, but it met the floor kind of hard in early March, and since then it has been acting up... With the troubleshooting I have undertaken, it looks like I need to replace the hard disk, which gives me a good opportunity to upgrade to a solid state drive, and I need to replace the touch digitizer which I will have done.... Not going to mess with that part!

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