04 February, 2017

Prepping and installing aftermarket headlights on a 2004 - 2008 Ford F150

So the Wildersport Wagon, A.K.A.. the lumberwagon, A.K.A. our 2004 F150 4x4 has been sick, and our budget has been lacking. We are handling the issues and preparing to re-register it and get it back on the road, hauling our DIY supplies and camping / hunting gear depending on the occasion...

One of the issues what would have kept us off the road is the headlihgts, due to a faulty seal in the composite headlamps, the passenger side headlight filled with water, and the silver reflective finish was flaking off more than a teenager.

I have wanted to minimize the chrome look on this truck for years, and found an affordable attractive way to do it.

My video walks you through sealing up the headlight assemblies so that we know we have no leaks, and how to locate the OEM flasher assembly for replacement to fix the hyperflashing that is caused by LED bulbs.

This modification will allow you to have more relaible lighting, with improved output / visibility compared to the OEM incandescent bulbs.

I ordered up the following items for my truck. Some obtained locally, some online. I will link the online stuff for you here to make it easy for you. All items have free shipping, but not all are Prime eligible. (sorry). Remember, I do my best to find and link you to the best deals I can find... Sometimes its with Prime, sometimes it's not.

This procedure should apply to Ford F150 trucks form 2004 to 2008.
  1. Spec-D Black Euro headlights.
  2. Sylvania Silverstar halogen headlight bulbs.
  3. Pilot LED 3157 turn signal bulbs in amber
  4. Sylvania 194A LED side marker light bulbs
  5. Pilot LED 3157 stop / tail / turn signal bulbs in white
  6. EP27L LED compatible Ford Truck turn signal relay.

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