26 March, 2017

Some unplanned work on the car

While running errands today and keeping an eye out for pallets that we might be able to pick up strip down and convert into flooring I was greeted by a nasty noise from the front of the car.

Given my experience and leave somewhat recent time spent with the wheels off of this car I knew it was time to put the brake pads on it.

This quickly followed up after plenty of work was put in on my polishing of the headlights getting rid of the old yellow Haze and not all but most of the scratches.

We will be putting out a video on the headlight restoration using mothers headlight restoration kit. The results are really impressive however it's not like those composite headlights look like new but they are certainly clear far safer then they were before and saves us a ton of money compared to replacement.

We still need the source up and tear down a bunch of pallets that we can prep for flooring but I did make some progress on the structured wiring project. The antenna finally came in so I have all of the pieces I need however there's more than a little assembly required.

Yesterday I applied the fourth coat of Glidden Los White to be structured wiring Mount port and it should be ready to go up on the wall now.

Hi found where I had misplaced the punch down block for the telephone and I managed to lay out how the telephone and coaxial splitters will run. I would like however to be able figure out how to make the 180 degree turns out of the bottom of the coaxial splitter. I am actually seriously considering mounting the splitter sideways so that I only have to make a 90-degree Bend to go up and through the wall.

I think for the time being while we're working on the flooring I'm simply going to paint the part of the wall behind and immediately surrounding where the Mount board will go. That way I can move forward with a structured wiring project without having to have the rest of the whole thing completed.

So I need to squeeze a bunch of video editing in this week as well as climbing around the attic pulling a bunch of cable yada yada yada. As well as somewhere in there I need to finalize my taxes and get them submitted and get forward with about a dozen long-term projects that have been in various stages completion.

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