11 August, 2014

Crash course to better serve my readers / viewers!

I am wanting to provide instructional / educational resources on my blog, and honestly the audio from my Camcorder stinks. I am also considering making a recurring podcast for those audio oriented folks, so I am crash coursing on using some home recording gear that is not attached to the camera, doing some intense video editing, and other multimedia work that I honestly haven't done any of since before Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia, so if it seems like I am taking longer between posts, there is a good reason for it. Think of it as the human version of electrolysis rust removal for the brain...

And before I get any more email on the subject, I wanted to let everyone know what I am doing with this blog / video / podcast I am hoping to make completely unique. While you will undoubtedly see similarities between my content, and the content of others, and I would be lying if I said others don't inspire me and my desire to dive deeper down this rabbit hole, I first and foremost have fun with what I am doing, I don't limit myself to talking about just one subject (Such as woodworking, automotive, outdoorsmanship, faith, family, etc...) rather I am using this as a platform to cover what interests me, and I use it as a way to help you along the process. I assume some knowledge, but try to keep that assumption as basic as possible, and I am open to feedback. If I went over something too fast, ask me for clarification and I will be more than happy to oblige!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the content I am putting up here as much as I enjoy creating it for you, and that you express that enjoyment by either donating to my site by purchasing products from my Amazon Store. And of course you are free to send a gift via PayPal with the PayPal link on the main page. Sadly the PayPal and Amazon e-stores don't link together... I will post up the best bargains I can find on anything and everything that I think might be of interest, and certainly what I feature in my posts, assuming it is available on Amazon. I will also let you know when an item is better priced elsewhere! Your purchases and gifts will help offset my costs, and help me justify what I am doing with this to my wife thus enabling me to keep diving down this crazy rabbit hole!

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