22 August, 2014

The Daves Workshop / Wildersport Outdoors podcasting audio studio is live!

I have the audio studio set up and tested. I put up a video / audio clip slideshow on youtube walking you through... Like I said, I am working my tail off trying to get Daves Workshop media to be first rate to make your time spent here to be as enjoyable and productive as possible!

I wasn't happy with my sound editing on the video I initially posted. I made some changes, and re-uploaded the video, the URL has changed, take a peek, it sounds MUCH better. (Thank God for Audacity Compressor function!)

Thanks for visiting.

1 comment:

  1. Hello found you on bt3central. Always good to find a fellow Texan on line. Spent some time looking at your shop and your back up light fix. Looking forward to seeing more and the pod cast.