09 September, 2014

Haven't forgotten about y'all... Sidelined with work, and setting up the recording studio.

I have a few videos being processed and voiced over right now for the blog, but for the most part, I am swamped with paid work, and studying for my upcoming RHCE exam. Yes I am a Linux geek. It pays the bills, so I need to keep up with it...

No small part of my voice over work is going to require moving my home office, which has been in the planning stages for several years now, and is finally coming into reality. The reason for this is actually multiple reasons.

#1. My current home office has the outside AC unit just below the window, I get LOTS of AC noise in the office / studio, meaning I have to run my gain way down, and do a LOT of noise filtering, which makes my voice sound muddy.
#2. The wall / door / window layout of the current office does not work with the larger pieces of wall centric furnishings needed for the office. The new one does.
#3. The new office is central to the house, and as such, will make it somewhat easier to finish up the structured wiring project for the house. I am NOT enclosing in a cabinet though. My structured wiring will be run into a wall mounted rack. Considering the size of my IP network, it's MUCH better this way. Anything that CAN have a wired IP connection WILL. I know 802.11ac can go up to 1750mbps, but in actual function, isn't likely to. I prefer hard wired. I know I'm werid.
#4. The remodel project is making me purge junk from the spare bedroom and home office. By the time I have the office moved into the new room, I should just have to slap paint on ceiling, walls and trim, rip out carpet and tack strip, lay down laminate, replace junk sockets and switches for fresh Decora units, Clean / repaint ceiling fan (white blades are turning gray). Swap out old window covering for new "Texas Flag Theme" window coverings, move furnishings and knick knacks in, make the bed with the "Texas Flag Theme" bedding, and call it DONE.

FWIW, the bed is a Full size memory foam mattress on a roller frame that I will be building a Texas Star 2x4 and panel headboard for. (Already have the design, just need to build it).

I will be setting up the home office / recording studio for multiple purposes. I mentioned it was to be a music room..

My music room equipment configuration plan is also complete. I haven't yet decided on a digital piano, but my wife wants one, so I am planning to put one in. The guitar and guitar amp actually belong to a friend, however he is looking to sell to me for a fair price.

During the remodel I will be doing some video of removing carpet, tack strip, filing and smoothing the concrete and laying down the laminate. I hope you folks are going to stick around with me long enough to catch the videos and enjoy them! I need to figure out a way to speed up my work flow!

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