04 September, 2014

Cleaning up non shop related messes, and fixing a HUGE design flaw.

One of the serious drawbacks to having a home workshop that is physically attached to the home A.K.A. in the garage is spouses. 

Simply put my wife's flower pots are pretty much everywhere in the shop now (again). She wanted to paint the pots to mimic Mexican Talavera pottery, put them all out in my shop, along with the supplies, and has since forgotten about them... 

I need to gather them up, stash them in the corner with the lawn and garden stuff and get them away from my workspace.

I also have plenty of self induced chaos that I need to clear up. Tools need to go back into the tool box and cabinets, supplies need to be stashed where they belong, and overall the shop needs a good sweeping...

Once the shop is clean, and vaguely presentable, I plan on starting back up on my video series, and do a video on soldering etc...

I have recently assembled one of those particle board filing cabinets (the demo model in store was DEFINATELY a combination of ply and solid wood, this particle board ticks me off to no end but I digress), and there was a HUGE problem with assembly. The back panel of the filing cabinet, the one that keeps it from racking, well the so called hardboard was nothing more than overglorified cardboard, and the nails pulled through almost instantly. I have LOTS of tempered hardboard in the shop. Which is one reason to get the shop clean, so I can cut a proper sized hardboard back panel and attach it. I will likely use pnuematic nails and glue to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. I am also planning on adding some bracing / glue blocks for leveling feet. 

If nothing else, I have a set of decent dimensions to work out a filing cabinet / drawer plan for myself to come up with a plan and build from. 

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