20 May, 2017

More progress

I got the TEG-S24G installed. It's working great. 

I'm not entirely convinced that the penetrations of the header on the non load-bearing wall are sufficient for all the cable and going to run and I don't exactly have space to put more holes in the header. What I'm going to have to do is label and back pull the cables I've already run into the new office and open up the holes in the header with a larger bit which is going to be interesting because it will not be able to use a spade bit in there as I don't have anything to bite into for a center I'm going to have to you my large Irwin speedbor Max auger bits to open up that hole. What I will end up with is for 1 inch diameter holes up buddy each other side by side and slightly breaking into the next that should provide ample Passage 4 V8 coaxial cables actually 9 if you would include the antenna feed which I should 16 category 6 ethernet cables that are exiting the office and running through the rest of the house and five category 5e cables that are running through the rest of the house for telephone as you may recall the 6th telephone one is running directly into that office and does not need to go up into the header. I have the antenna speed the lines for the kitchen and the lines 4 the front bedroom labeled and ready to be removed I guess it's time to get this. Unfortunately I have other priorities for the day competing for my time such as...

I need to clean up the bench and get the pieces cut, biscuit jointed, and glued up.

About a week ago we purchased a replacement sink the Drain Plumbing and a new faucet for the kitchen. I know my wife desperately wants me to put this stuff in however the old MDF laminate countertops we have really leave a lot to be desired. When we bought this sink we were discussing and I thought we had agreed on a butcher block countertop. However my wife very much wants granite which is unfortunately out of my price range. We've been looking and I think we can do granite tile countertops using 12 by 12 Granite tiles with the bull nose pieces everything is available at Lowe's or Home Depot at a reasonable price and it doesn't look that difficult to do except for cutting the hole for the sink.

The Malibu earlier this week triggered the change oil soon light and looking at the odometer it's right I have the supplies and I am ready to do the oil change unfortunately my drain pan is completely full I need to dump it into a 5 gallon bucket and find a good Sealing lid for the bucket so that once I am done I can take all of my waste oil in and have it recycled.

Right now my main priorities are to get the oil in the car changed the garage cleaned the cables back pulled with the header board out as I described above and the cables rerun and reterminated.

The candle stand top I can do more or less at my leisure and it is not super high on my priority list but I know more than a few of my readers and viewers want to see more woodworking.

God willing and family allowing I will get that done this weekend.

I have far too much to do and not enough of me to do it with. So I will simply move forward with what I can do and not worry about what I can't yet.

That's it for now go out to your shops be productive be safe but most of all be blessed.

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