26 May, 2017

The importance of labels.

During our structured wiring project, we found the header penetrations we made simply aren't large enough for the number of cables we need to run.

We needed to back pull the cables already run and enlarge the holes.

Now I've got ethernet cables as well as phone and coaxial cable from 4 rooms already.

The coax needed to be traced and labelled. Thankfully I have only 4 runs done.

So out came the Klein Tools Coax Explorer Plus test set. I set the probes in order by color. Red in living room, blue in master, green in kitchen, black in studio.

Once connected, I disconnected the cables from the splitter, connected them one at a time to the tester. Tested each cable and labelled them. Now, when I back pull the cables they will be clearly marked and flagged, ready to be running back exactly where they belong.

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