07 February, 2014

A concerning thought on U.S.A. made tools, or the lack thereof in manufacturing capacity.

As I look through my shop, I realize very little in the way of tools and equipment there is made in the U.S.A., mostly my older, pre 2000 stuff, and even some of that is China / Taiwan sourced. And it got me to thinking...

The Allies in World War 2 won the war in no small part due to American Industrial output. Simply stated, we were able to overwhelm the Axxis powers with tanks, guns, planes, bombs and whatnot to such an overwhelming degree...

Now fast forward 70 years.

Does the United States of America have the manufacturing capacity, and skill needed to win another large scale war like that? For example what would happen if China were to turn on the U.S.?

Just something to think about the next time you go out looking to buy that new tool. I know there are fewer and fewer U.S.A. made options, but wouldn't it be worth a few extra bucks to keep the jobs, and national security here?

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