04 February, 2014

Glue joint starvation and cabinets going out of square.

As seen previously in this blog, I built a workstation for my sliding miter saw, and mortiser. The design is set up so that the mortiser and miter saw tables act as outfeed supports for each other, and when set correctly outfeed from neither will contact the freezer door when closed. (No the freezer is not moved into the shop yet, although that is coming soon, and will be covered here. I need to get some PT lumber, mill it to dimension and liquid nails it to the concrete floor to create an extension for the stepped lip for the freezer to set on... But I digress back to the miter saw worksation!

I noted probably about 2 weeks ago while I was hustling up in the remodel that the cabinet, well looked funny. I checked things out with my drywall square and sure enough, the front corners were well out of square. But why?

Well, upon investigation by pulling the screws from the top on the left side, I was able to easily separate the joint. Glue starvation! Dang...

There are some design adjustments I want to do to this cabinet so that I can incorporate levelers to compensate for my unlevel / uneven floor, so this is going to be looked at as an opportunity. At this point the following changes are going to be made.

#1. Pull the miter saw cabinet section apart. Cut 1.5" from the overall height, Clean up the dadoes etc...
#2. Re-glue and screw this thing together, being generous with the glue. Who cares about squeeze out? I want strong joints not starved for glue!
#3. Install 3/4" leveler blocks to the corners, and install heavy duty levelers using thread inserts.
#4. Size up, cut and install a cross brace spanning from side to side across the front to be installed just below the drawers. 3/4" ply x whatever the width is (Don't recall off hand) x 1.5" tall. This is merely to keep the sides from bowing out over time.
#5. Build, and plumb the miter saw dust hood, connect to the dust collection network.

I have other more pressing shop, and non shop projects at this point, but this is NOT going to fix itself, so it is on the to do list.

My next shop, but yet not really shop project is going to be...

#1. Source up a PT 2x6. Cut it into 48" long segments and let it acclimate to the shop. Sadly I should have done this a year ago. This will be milled to make a total of 48" x 5" x 2.5" extension block to extend the riser lip of the garage floor. This will be attached to the floor using Liquid Nails for Construction, and allowed to cure. Once done this will be painted with gray epoxy paint, and the freezer finally moved into position.

And on the cleanup front, I have 2 full, large totes, and a 160qt ice chest that need to be cleaned up, and thrown up into the attic with the rest of my camping / hunting gear. I will be going over my 4x4, camping, fishing, hunting, etc... outdoors things at my other blog, http://wildersport-outdoors.blogspot.com I haven't posted over there in far too long, and it is high time I got busy with that one too!

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