01 May, 2014

Trans work done. Testing out the additions just added with the trans down...

I had several components on order just prior to the transmission on the truck going bad, one of them was the Coil Sumo Springs, and the other was the AirRAID Modular Intake Tube (MIT).

Both so far are performing exactly as expected. The Coil Sumo Springs don't completely correct the sag, but they do get the tires out of the fenders, so I am happy enough for now. However I AM planning on trying  a set of Moog 81120 Heavy Duty coil springs to correct the issue. Those are payload package springs and have a higher spring rate compared to the ones my truck shipped with. And certainly MUCH higher than the Rancho coils. I can't say enough at how disappointed I am that a company like Rancho that built their name on top quality off road / lift components and springs made the engineering choices they did when setting up the Quicklift Loaded with the springs they picked.... They really ought to sell them cheaper without the coils! They used to but dropped that product. I guess folks whined about having to change the coils in a strut...

The AirRAID MIT that is installed in my truck is first and foremost, a GREAT way to clean up the airflow under the hood. And even though I am NOT in California, for those that live there, yes the MIT is C.A.R.B. certified.
I really should take a fresher pic after cleaning up
the engine compartment! But there's the CARB sticker.

Installation was pretty straight forward, however the outer edges of the lip that inserts into the OEM airbox were a bit large, I had to relieve the edge with a hand file to get the thing to slip together. Just a minor casting issue. 

I wish I had cleaned / used spray detailer on the engine before snapping this pic, because with the plastics clean and black again as they are supposed to, the AirRAID just looks like it belongs there. If it weren't for the AirRAID plaque on the top of the tube it would look almost like it could possibly be factory.

Performance is improved, particularly throttle response. It was a little laggy with the OEM air tube / baffle setup, this really woke it up off the line, however I wouldn't say it made the truck fast. It's a full size 4x4 pickup with a winch and 35" rubber, not a dragster... I have yet to get through a full tank after the truck work has been done, but I am noticing the needle dropping slower. Maybe, just maybe I am getting better mileage. Who knows?

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