07 November, 2017

Picking up with the bathroom remodel. Prepping the pine bead board wainscotting.

The World Series is over, and after a half century old dry spell, the Houston Astros brought home a World Series to those of us in Metro Houston.

So it's time to get back to work.

I am pretty sure some of you read that and wondered if I have flipped my lid or not. I mean wainscotting? In 2017?

Yep. It's not my first idea, but it is the compromise I made with my wife (This kept the doilies out of the living room okay?)

Last time I had to deal with bead board, it was a thin gauge sheet plywood type product, but nowadays it comes in bundles of long sections, about oh what was it 5" wide or so maybe?

So I had to set up a production stop, run through pre processing the stock, marking and ripping to width so that I can have my stock ready for installation.

CHeck out the video...