06 March, 2014

A sick day, and finally got the Dr. to agree to get an inner picture of the problems at hand...

I mentioned this in a prior post, but I have had back and shoulder problems for years. Doctors have told me it was due to my weight, but let's be honest, how the heck am I going to get a decent workout in if I can't move with full motion? The clincher was today, I ended out sick because, well my coworkers are generous with their virii, and somebody who shall remain nameless decided to share their sinus infection with me. And I had been doing so well this winter with that junk! So I went to the Dr. today, and took the time to go over the shoulder problem again, in our discussion I mentioned that I can't do the crawl stroke in the pool due to my shoulder, and off to the X-ray folks for me! The radiologist had me twisting my arm and shoulders in honestly some ways that were downright painful for me, but she got the pics she needed. Hopefully soon we can have some answers and a treatment plan! I was able to get over into my shop for a VERY brief period today, just long enough to hang one shelf. And odd things of odd things, I used standard old closet shelf braces, the kind with the hoop to support the closet rod, and the mounting holes, at least according to my level are, well... level. But installed and with a shelf mounted, somehow it dips to the left, is NOT level... Now all this is holding is shop rags in a box, a spare box of shop rags, and my safety gear. It doesn't HAVE to be level, but the fact it's not bugs me... This shelf used to be mounted on the other wall prior to pulling it, and the clamp racks off to make room by the door to get around the freezer, and it had a shop built brace holding the pipe clamps. I somewhat suspect the brackets are bent ever so slightly to cause this slope. NOT a good thing... I have 4 more of those blue plastic storage bins that were pulled off the other wall that need to be cleaned up, and remounted. Probably mount them under the others. Might not even mount them. All they held were gloves. Gardening, and acid gloves. I think I will only install 2 of them, to hold the acid / finishing gloves, and just put the gardening gloves on the lawn and garden rack. Depending on my health, and what others have planned for my weekend, I might just be able to get around to swapping that outlet for the Decora unit I have been sitting on, and then rolling that freezer in. So with everything that is done thus far, while it isn't "Finished" and I don't think a woodworking shop is ever truly finished, I can with a reasonable amount of self confidence say that the Amish Heritage Workshop is now open for non shop projects. I am actually working one right now that sort of involves the clamp rack in more ways than one. For starters, the ripped 2x4s left some 1/2" thick 1.5" tall cutoffs, I have done some ripping on a few of those, and gluing. I am making a dry erase pen and eraser shelf for the dry erase board in my home office. The dumb thing didn't come with one, but otherwise is a good board. I got it out of clamps and need to cut it to final size, sand, and finish it prior to installation. God willing I should have some more, interesting posts in the days to come, so keep checking back!

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