08 March, 2014

Making good on a deal 17 months in the making...And making it work in my shop.

The married or otherwise committed ladies and gentlemen out there can likely relate to this.

If you read my blog, you know I made a deal with my lovely bride that I would move the big upright freezer from the kitchen into the shop if I could get the sub panel / drywall job done in the garage.

To keep budget in line it the drywall and insulation was a DIY affair, but the wiring was hired out to a contractor at a very reasonable rate considering the amount of work done. The biggest expense was NOT labor for once, but material (Copper wire has gotten EXPENSIVE...).

 The electrical install was completed in October 2012. Through pretty much the entirety of 2013, and well until today, I have been working steadily toward the goal of getting that freezer into the shop. Yes other things, shop projects were involved there, my simple Strong Tie bench / miter saw station was jettisoned, and a full out miter saw, mortiser, storage workstation was built, The library cabinet was built to move other items from the house that were shop related, well... into the shop.

After much painting, and having to remove a door, a full freezer was maniplated over the threshold, and into the shop...
The Whirlpool 22 cu/ft upright deep freeze in the shop!

Now a deep freeze in the shop, that close to the miter saw and mortiser I know, has you thinking, I bet that freezer is in the way of feeding stock!

Nope, took that into account when I built the miter saw station! Mind you the tolerances are VERY close, but stock clears the freezer quite well, the miter saw and mortiser, assuming the mortiser fence is FULLY retracted, have fences that line up directly with each other.
I need to shim up the miter saw just a hair to keep the tables level.

The fence of the miter saw lines up perfectly with the fence of the mortiser. The tables are CLOSE, but not perfectly level, Some minor shimming is in order to correct this. 

Stock bypasses the freezer door with 1/2" to spare!

Now that everything is in order, it was time to relax a bit. I cleaned up, put the bit sets and drill back where they belong, and like was recommended to me, I just sat in my shop, and popped a cold one. Well actually not cold, as I presently have a sinus infection I am fighting off, but rather a hot one... I am partial to spice teas, and so I just enjoyed a tall mug of Orange Spice tea in my shop...

Nothing like going through the router bit profiles while sipping a mug of hot tea!

The bright red thing on the lathe in the background of the last photo is my Craftsman diamond plate texture anti fatigue mat. I had washed it off earlier that day and had swept the floor but forgot to put the mat back down after sweeping...

The hunk of oak is sitting there for a commission project for a friend's girlfriend. She owns a couple of rental homes, and needs to replace one of false drawer fronts in one of the bathrooms, a simple rectangle , with some sort of routed profile. Still waiting for the sample to make sure my bit selection will do the profile they need... 

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