01 March, 2014

Miter Saw Dust Hood plumbing complete, and some rearranging allows for a view!

So today was the day that the ducting for the miter saw dust hood got connected up, and everything gets tested.  First the vertical pipe from the blast gate to the 2 45 degree elbows comes up the wall. Yes I know it isn't completely vertical, certain uh,,, flexibility was needed due to my measurement imperfection...

The duct work then makes the 90 degree turn via 2 45 degree elbows, and comes across the ceiling. The shop light at this point had to be dropped to allow the duct to pass over it.

The bend is made with a single 45 degree elbow, and a wye fitting. The wye is sealed off on the through end and was placed there to allow for clearing of the ductwork should something fail and the ducting get jammed.

Another wye fitting before that ties the new branch into the existing ductwork. The drop the the table saw upper port was redome to allow for more pipe, less flex hose making hte connection. I probably should have used 2 45s instead of a wye and a 45 here, but hindsight is 20/20 right?

The ducting comes across the ceiling and makes the 45 degree angle to get back to the separator, the upper pickup for the workbench and router station is ready to go!

Once the duct work was done, I moved things that were on the bench back to the miter saw bench, opting to keep a few things, and moving a few other things that were up over the clam shell cabinets, and honestly difficult to get to, are now on the main workbench. I now have all my handheld power tools where I can easily access them. And I can finally at least give you a glimpse of what I was talking about when I said I made a shelf for the workbench from plywood scraps. I literally ripped these pieces to about 6" wide if I recall, cut them to length, created and installed a cleat, and screwed them to the cleat. A great way to hold, well... stuff...

I must admit, those Hitachi routers see a LOT more use than that Ryobi reciprocating saw, and that recip saw has seen some hard use!

On another shop / remodeling / home improvement note. i have been needing to get rid of some thin set by my back door. We took out some tile, and all the carpet in the living room, and are going to go with Stained Concrete instead, so I needed to smooth the concrete. I finally bit the bullet and bought one of those oscillating multitools. Yes I cheaped out and got the model from Harbor Freight, but no I didn't get their base model. I picked up item #67537 Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool from the newly opened Harbor Freight Tools in Webster Texas. Yes I used the coupon, and so far it meets / exceeds my expectation. There is one issue that aggravates me. I have mentioned it previously, here even I think, that I like to keep all of my tools in cases. I prefer buying power tools that come with their own cases so I don't have to fuss with getting or making a case for a new tool. Well the product illustrations on Harbor Freight's website clearly show the item in a nice blow molded plastic case. However what was available at the store did NOT have the case. I had to go back out, and take a chance on a small tool box I got from Walmart, a 12" Stanley plastic tool box. It holds the tool quite well, but does not allow for the upper tray to be in the box when the tool is stored there. No biggie. All of the accessories fit and it fits nicely in my miter saw stand... 

All in all, a fairly productive weekend, even though it is only Saturday... 


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  2. As I was scanning the photos you shared, I really double-checked vertical pipe on the first photo. Hahaha! I thought It was just me, but as I read on, I realized that it was indeed a little slanted. However, your post is so informative and fruitful. The numeric figures are weighing a lot to support every detail, and the photos are all well explained. Thanks for sharingthat, David! Have a great day ahead!

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    1. it's not you. I ran the overhead too far over and the vertical had I not run it slanted, would have covered the electrical outlet. You know what they say, I cut that thing 4 times and it's still too short!

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