05 March, 2014

More shop updates, and the clamp cart is complete.

I managed to squeeze some time in the shop last night after dinner and I got a little bit done. For starters, I repainted the entry door, and trim, finally got off that nasty what the heck is that cream vomit color, to a nice clean bright white gloss. Coverage wasn't 100% on the first coat so I will probably have to go over it again either tonight or tomorrow night and snap some pics. But trust me, even with the first coat on there it looks 1000% better. Yeah the door was looking nasty...

The second, and more important item, I got the castors mounted to the rolling clamp cart at last, so that project is done.

The fixed castors are on the end with my 6 and 12 inch F bar clamps, the swivel castors are on the end with my quick grips. I mounted the castors as far toward the edge as I could while still maintaining sufficient surface purchase for the lag bolts to hold them on.

I rolled the cart around from by the workbench where I was building it, over to by the overhead door where it will live, at least until I get the lawn & garden stuff OUT of my shop, and I ran into a little snag. Okay a big one...

For starters, while I appreciate the input others gave me regarding the stability of this unit with the wheels where they are, being such a small footprint, with a tall, and honestly HEAVY rack, I too was concerned about stability, especially since the garage floor has dips, and sways in it, not to mention those castors stop up tight as a drum when they run across debris, however I did not find the stability of this rack to be problematic for my use. 

No it wasn't that, it was an interference issue...

Look carefully at the photo above. Do you see the problem?

Yep, that's right, the pipe clamps are too tall to pass under the 10' ladder...

My solution? Tip it back on the fixed wheels and roll it under the ladder like a hand truck.

I was finally able to get it over to it's temporary home. I have some large-ish items in the shop that aren't shop items that need to be moved to make space. Those items are scheduled to be moved out soon though.
And the drill press is to be moved closer to the left corner, and the clamp rack where the drill press is now, but you get the idea. I simply wheel the rack around when I need whatever, and then slide it back when I am done...

I have a few minor items to take care of before the purpose for the clamp cart is completed.
  1. Paint that second coat on the door and trim.
  2. Remount the safety equipment shelf.
  3. Change outlet behind where freezer will go with white decora unit.
  4. Clean, strip, and paint floor and add in stoop where freezer will go.
  5. Empty freezer.
  6. Clean freezer.
  7. Move freezer in shop and apply power.
  8. Reload freezer.
I have a few projects to complete before I consider this workshop remodel 100% done. They are.
  1. Finish fixing the drywall, sanding, taping, mudding, sanding, painting etc... on the piece between the garage doors.
  2. Build a rolling sheet goods cart from my design in Sketchup.In full disclosure, I did NOT come up with the design, I worked with the person that did the original design and created the Sketchup model of it.
  3. Load all of my sheet goods and cutoffs into that rack.
  4. Finish building the drawers for my miter saw workstation.
  5. Load the miter saw workstation drawers with the stuff from the Table saw & Router accessories tote, get tote out of shop.
  6. Move all of the material off my lumber rack, and safety shelf, remove rack and shelf, but replace screws in screw holes.
  7. Move lawn and garden equipment and supplies away from wall.
  8. Patch all extraneous holes in drywall.
  9. Cut access holes in drywall on unpowered wall. Blow in insulation.
  10. Replace, tape and mud access holes (fix sheetrock).
  11. Smooth wall within reasonable efforts.
  12. Prime, and paint.
  13. Fix framing problem with attic stairs framing. The guys that framed my attic ladder should never have been in the construction industry...
  14. Fix ceiling sheet rock.
  15. Paint ceiling 
  16. Replace all wall hung, and lawn and garden items along the unpowered wall. Repopulate the lumber rack, and safety supplies shelf.
I know it's a long list, it used to be a LOT longer though...

FYI, The sketchup info for the sheet goods cart, I bet you want that...

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