17 March, 2014

Mission style dog kennel design coming together...

As I had started on stock preparation, I probably should mention the design, while not finalized, is coming together nicely. I haven't figured the door out yet. I need to take a look at what is available in the way of hinges. I am wanting some black iron rustic hinges, preferably ones that I can separate so I can open the door and remove it if so desired.

I will be adding a Memory Foam pet bed to the inside of this kennel to make it as comfortable as possible for our dog. I may have to find a different dog bed, or change the dimensions of this by 2" both ways to make this one from Amazon fit.

Remember the concept here is to provide bedding / crate for the dog that will be comfortable / comforting to him, and will fit into the decor of the house, while keeping him in the area where most of the family activity is.

The materials being prepped are walnut that was sourced from a Craigslist seller, the lumber was stormfall from Hurricane Ike. And the secondary wood / slats is Pecan which was sourced from Clarks Hardwoods in Houston.

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