29 March, 2014

What's currently on my bench?

I got to realizing I ended up starting several projects at once, and have too much on my bench to actually finish in decent time. I MUST get some of these items done just so I have room to work!.

So what is it you ask, that is on my bench?

Hose reel & ganged compressor project. The PVC / Rubber blend hose needs to go back to Harbor Freight, as does the 3/8 - 1/4" brass bushing. I will just grab a 25' 3/8" rubber hose instead. Also the check valves are on their way from Zoro Tools. Will keep everyone posted on how well that goes. The reel needs a mount board made up, and some carriage bolts, washers, and lock nuts, not to mention some 1/4" x 3" lag bolts and washers for mounting.

My planer flattening sled is ready, the hot glue gun is found, and the walnut stock has had the loose knots, bark inclusions, and cracks epoxy / walnut dust filled and ready to go. I need to flatten these on the sled, make them good and parallel, and the edge joint them... Might need to rig up a sled for that as I have one of these that has a severe natural edge and I am going for sort of a mission thing with these...  So the stock prep for the dog kennel is pending.

I have a commission from a good friend of mine from college, super easy. I am reproducing an oak false front for his girlfriend's vanity. 45 deg bevel on the face, and looks like a slight, maybe 10 deg bevel on the back. Should take me longer to do the setup than to actually do the work...

Miter Saw Stand drawers. I need to complete the build for the miter saw stand drawers, and move the stuff from the table saw / router accessory tote into those drawers as has always been the plan...

Lastly, although it is likely to happen first. Shop cleanup, again. My lovely bride has been cleaning the house, and tossing anything that looks tool or material ish from inside to the shop, anywhere she can put it. I need to change the direction the lock for that door goes! (Just kidding, I love her to death, but she has no sympathy for keeping my shop clean as she still sees it as a garage...)

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