07 May, 2014

Preparing for the sheet goods / cutoffs cart.

My current sheet goods / cutoffs storage simply is NOT working. The driving force here is a need for fixing / patching the nasty old Masonite siding on my house. You see I have several sheets of Masonite in my current sheet goods area, but it is at the far back, behind all the other stuff, Cutoffs likewise are just sort of piled high in the 30 gallon galvanized trash can. It's just not working.

Now that the Wildersport / Lumber wagon is usable again, it is time to make a shopping list and head over the the BORG (For those not in the know BORG means Big Orange Retail Giant, or Big Ol Retail Giant, can be used interchangeably for the large chain home improvement centers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Sutherlands, etc...

Supplies needed are...

2 @ 3/4" Plywood. After looking at my local Home Depot, and Lowes, Home Depot has the better quality / cost point for this project. Cabinet grade maple ply is just  a few dollars more than basic sanded pine, so I might as well go with the maple.

2 @ 3" rubber wheel rigid casters 125lb each capacity.

2 @ 3" rubber wheel swivel casters plate with lock. 125lb each capacity.

16 @ 1/4 x 1-1/2" lag bolts to mount the casters.

Approximately 50 #8 x 2" square drive flat head screws.

2 @ 8 pack brass 1/4" L shape shelf support pins.

2 Sheets 3/4" cabinet grade maple ply @ $39.88 each. Subtotal $79.76

2 @ 3" rubber wheel rigid casters @ $3.99 each. Subtotal $7.98

2 @ 3" rubber wheel swivel plate casters with lock. @ $3.69 each. Subtotal $7.38

16 @ 1/4 x 1-1/2" lag bolts. $.15 each Subtotal $2.40

1lb box, approx 180 #8 x 2" square drive flat head screws. $4.18. Subtotal $4.18

2 @ 8 pack brass 1/4" L shape shelf support pins. $1.77 each Subtotal $3.54

I will also need 16 1/4" flat washers which I have in inventory.

Total pre tax for materials not in inventory to complete this project $105.24

While I did opt for Harbor Freight casters for this project, as there was no major difference in rating or quality between them and the casters from Home Depot / Lowes, however there are areas of this project I could further cut costs. Instead of the maple ply, I could be using 23/32" sheathing grade pine plywood at $23.95 / sheet, and I could use phillips head #8 x 2" screws already in inventory. However I am wanting to migrate to square drives, and I figure I could just spend the extra to have better quality wood to work with, giving me a higher quality end product.

I have the Diablo blade already set up on the circular saw, and I know exactly where the sacrificial board and straight edge guide are...

Weather and work schedule permitting, either Friday or Saturday, I will pick up the materials needed, and bring them back into my shop, and start measuring / marking my cut lines.

Unlike the original "Jerry" design for the lumber cart, I am using adjustable shelf pins and shelves on the pidgeon holes for smaller cutoffs. I am doing this to allow me finer adjustability for possibly adding more shelves, or leaving some out as needed.

IF I can talk my wife into helping me out by doing camera duty, I may do a build video of this project for you. Hopefully you will find it useful, and helpful.

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