02 June, 2014

When safe is not so safe, and keeping up the pressure. A tale of failure, and success!

Over the weekend, I whipped up a quick holder for the box holding my respiartors, the idea was to keep all of my PPE in a small area, out of the way of everyone else.

Sounds like a good idea right?

It sticks out from the door approximately 4", and obviously, most folks don't expect to find things mounted to doors. , and it appears that my wife of all people, failed to look before proceeding through the doorway, and caught herself on it. No serious damage, but realizing this, and the fact that my brother in law, who is very uh... vision impaired, goes through this door to get to the freezer, this holder HAD to go... Dang...

Now I need to rethink how to store my safety equipment and supplies... For now, the box of respirators are housed on the lower shelf of the workbench.

Now on to the success!

As you may recall, mid week last week, I had to redo the FTP x Male I/M coupler plug on the hose that feeds the hose reel as it was a persistent leak point no matter the sealant used...

Well I can gladly say that after a weekend of temp highs and lows, the pressure is holding steady.

The next test is in progress now. I have fired up the 8 gallon compressor, tested the fittings between it, and the regulator / check valve. It is presently holding at 125 PSI... Will check on it over the next few days...  I have messed around with the regulator on the 29 gallon compressor so that it will kick on prior to the 8 gallon compressor under hard load...

The errant FPT x Male disconnect plug will be repurposed to the rubber / PVC blend hose. I don't much like that hose, and chances are better than good that it will see VERY brief use, if any at all, and so if it leaks, who cares?

My compressed air plumbing system is so painfully close to done... Like I mentioned previously, I still want to add a secondary / finer filter / dessicant dryer that also filters out oil from the air stream to provide clean, dry air to spray guns. I will likely make those upgrades this coming weekend. I will have to make a quick and dirty mount board, so that I have a solid surface to mount the components to. I would like to paint the mount board before installing it to insure a good clean install. Once it is done, I will move on to the next projects.

My next project that if my wife allows me time to work on it this weekend, will be to replace the 30 year old Masonite siding on the back of our house by the master bedroom, with Hardie Panel. The panels are cut already, and have been painted and are waiting in the shop. Sadly keeping me from getting to my lathe, I think she made sure I would be motivated to get this done... Of course with the install of this stuff, I will be using my nail guns, which means compressed air. This one will take the portable 8 gallon unit to the back yard for use...

****UPDATE 6/3/3014***

I set up the test on the 8 gallon, and found a leak, similar to the one I just fixed, but at the MPT x Male quick connect fitting at the check valve. I have not narrowed it down exactly where, but I think it may be that coupler plug. I have tons of those, and no hesitation to re-seal the joint... For now the compressor is disconnected. I am somewhat concerned though. Fully pressurized I am getting a reading of 100 PSI at the on compressor regulator turned all the way up. Either the compressor is not developing the 125 PSI it should, or the regulator is giving me a bad reading...


  1. don't repurpose, just throw it away if its bad... just a few cents.

    1. Probably ought to, but like I said. I kind of don't like the hybrid hose anyway, so it won't get any real use. I should toss the hose and the end away... That hose was a 50' long mistake...