07 February, 2015

It's a beautiful day for a video shoot! Moving along with the Saturn

Today has been a gorgeous day here, highs in the upper 60s, and sunny. The skies aren't so clear as to make glare everywhere, so today was a GREAT day to work on the Saturn a bit.

As I may or may not have mentioned previously, I was replacing more or less all the rotating assemblies on the front of the engine excluding the harmonic balancer, and the alternator which is somewhat recent...

Since I am not in an obscenely huge hurry, I felt this was a good opportunity to work on a video for you guys, and off to work I went so to speak...

I did jump the gun a hair, going with the assumption that folks know how to connect and disconnect a battery, I opted instead to remove the battery terminals, and serpentine belt ahead of time to maximize my video shoot time.

It would seem plans don't always go as you expect them to, and neither did this video shoot. I was shooting the segment about the bolts on the back side of the air conditioning compressor, and I had thought I had the camera running. I didn't. So in order to NOT skip that very important scene, I reassembled the bolts back on and effectively ran out of usable daylight.

This video I am spending a large amount of time, and effort honing, and am throwing together the first video, really taking a break from video editing to hammer out this blog entry.

This project will be in a series of videos. The videos in the series will be...

  1. Introduction to the project, and moving the AC compressor assembly aside, and replacing the compressor clutch.
  2. Water pump removal, replacement, upper and lower radiator hose replacement,,and cooling system flush and fill. I am seriously considering for the few bucks extra it will cost, and the reliability of a critical system, I am considering swapping out the thermostat at the same time.
  3. Idler pulley and tensioner assembly removal and replacement.
  4. Power steering pump and pulley replacement. Notes on the Harbor Freight pulley press tool. Power steering rack and pinion fluid bleed and flush.
  5. Battery top off and charge service (assuming it will take a charge).
  6. Lifting and supporting a teeny tiny car with jack and jack stands intended for a large 4x4 truck. Supporting your vehicle SAFELY while servicing it is critical, and there are times size matters more than other times...
  7. Rear wheel stud replacement, rear wheel cylinders replacement and brake bleeding.
  8. Engine flush, and full oil and filter change. 
  9. Transmission Service (Saturn makes it soooooo easy...
  10. Saturn (Pretty typical GM) seat back recliner mechanism R&R.
Once we have finished with these repairs and services, we should be serviced up, and ready to roll. I simply need to get the car through at least 2 drive cycles and then take it in for an inspection and new registration stickers.

And I am bringing you along for the tour! I will be going over the tools and materials used, along with good options (I own a lot of old Snap On from when I worked full time as a young professional mechanic, age and wisdom has taught me that you don't need the high end fancy schmancy tools, and I will show you good lower cost alternatives and steer you as clear as I can from the duds...

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