22 February, 2016

Getting an early start on spring cleaning, and a project to help out with projects.

So my wife and I have an idea for a marketable product to be built in the shop, however it would require one major tool I don't have, and kind of don't want to buy as I have the stuff to build one. a drum / thickness sander...

I have been putting off the build for a couple of years, but as soon as I can weasel my way into some more shop time, I am going to get back at it... This will be a multi phase project.

Phase #1. Build the drum itself. After seeing a LOT of different options, I am going with a drum based off of 4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe, with turned plug ends and at least 2 intermediate supports.

Given the material I have, and considering the shaft space that bearings, and a pulley will take up, I can make up to a 20" drum sander. That is a bit big for my little shop, and my projects, not to mention would probably overwhelm the Harbor Freight 1HP motor I am intending to use, so I am figuring on going with a 12" wide drum.

Second piece to build will be the platen, That should be plenty easy. Dead flat board, reinforced with hinges, and an elevation mechanism (screw). This will likely be highly polished with something like bees wax.

Next will be the frame / structure of the machine. This will be made from SYP 2x4 stock. I have LOTS of it that has been in my shop literally for years specifically for this project. It is as dried as it will get...

The motor mount, another mount board with a hinge, and adjsutment / tensioner screw follows.

Then we move on to mechanical and electrical assembly. Get it running, make several test runs, and any adjustments to insure it makes accurate parallel thicknessing passes. Once all of that is done, and it is ready for prime time, the last item is to fashion and connect the dust collection hood...

There WILL be photos, and likely videos of the build process, so keep an eye out as they start coming.

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