18 July, 2017

It was all I could do to restrain myself...

So on a trip to Huntsville State Park just outside of Huntsville Texas, I came across a big beautiful burl on a tree by one of the screen shelters...And it was all I could do to keep from begging the park ranger to let me harvest it!

The tree is still quite lively, and while memory fails me now, I believe it was some sort of hardwood...

The burl appears to be quite random, and chaotic. It makes me wonder what sort of wooden treasure is hidden inside of it.

I can only hope that the parks department, when this tree finally falls ill, or is knocked over by a storm, has the decency to honor this spectacular specimen by allowing this burl to be harvested and used for something beautiful.

I know it might seem silly, but I somewhat doubt I am the only one that gets giddy when presented with something this outstanding. Oddly enough, I bet most people would look at this tree and think how ugly it is... Too bad they don't see the inside!

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