28 April, 2014

I found a winner of a design for my drill press storage / mobile cart!

It would seem that I am not the only person out there less than thrilled with the wasted space under the table on a floor model drill press, and wanted to reclaim it for use for storage, particularly of drilling related accessories and supplies.

Lumberjocks member Ken90712 appears to have found, and built from plans in Woodsmith magazine exactly the idea that has been mulling around in my head for quite some time now. A greatly improved mobile base and mobile storage cart to go over the mobile base while staying under the table... This will provide storage for all things drilling, spade bits, forstner bits, handheld drills, bit sets, jigs etc... Everything I own drilling wise, or am likely to own can go in here!

The build is actually pretty simple looking. Mostly plywood, some hardboard and some hardwood, but not much of either of those...

You can see he veered off the Woodsmith plan a bit here by using a pre fabbed mobile base kit. From the looks of it, the Harbor Freight mobile base kit, same one I own...

The side storage can be rearranged fairly easily, and I think I might just do that. Looks like a good place to stash the pocket screw and doweling jigs. Maybe the other side can hold the cordless stuff.

His lumberjocks project page has a decent write up, and was the source for the photos. His page can be found at http://lumberjocks.com/projects/100541.

Now mind you, unless I take to some serious metal polishing on the column, which I can guarantee just won't ever happen with my drill press, it's a user, not a pretty thing to look at, mine simply won't ever look that nice. Sorry...

Now that I have found a plan to follow, that has been built, and tested, I can move forward without worrying about if my plans will fit together the way I think they will!

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