02 February, 2014

Ladders hung, shelving installed, paint done, and look at what I found while cleaning!

So as you saw from my post yesterday, I managed to get the 6' ladder hung up out of the way so today it was time to drag the 10' ladder into the shop and hang it up so that it is finally out of the living room. I am done with it in there for at least 6 months...

Due to the cross braces getting in the way of the very top of the ladder, it actually takes a bit of work to get the thing onto the hooks, but it goes. I might add a chunk of 2x4 block to lower the front so that it will be easier to mount the ladder, but for now, it is there, and secure, just gotta sueeze it up there!
I didn't expect to hit the shop light,
but it just barely clears,
bumping a bit when you take it up and down.

I painted both wall segments I have been busy smoothing, and have gotten the shelving put into place, as well as the wall mounted plastic bins. I also moved around my hammers / mallets so that I only had one per peg hook to reduce stress on the peg board. Hasn't been an issue yet, just being proactive...

Overall I think it is coming together very nicely... It also gave me an opportunity to get my spraying equipment as well as sanding stuff in a location where it is easier to reach. All good stuff!

I also took the opportunity to pick the Ridgid sander up off the floor and put it on the tool stacker. I unfortunately was 1/2" shy of having enough room to get it to go in with the belt on, so I had to take that part off to make it all fit. But at least it fits...
All in all it's coming together...

And after a considerable amount of cleaning, I managed to find a few more tools under the mess, albeit some major HUGE tools, but they are finally accessible. Yes I am talking about the workbench and the table saw...
I KNEW there was a workbench there somewhere!
Yes the extension table is sitting loose. 
I took the bolts out for some unkown reason and am still looking for them!

I used the blow gun to blow it all off (which is why the air hose is just strewn on the floor!), I might have some work to do to the table saw. I think I have a switch or motor problem. It acts like it wants to shut off at odd moments... Good thing I have spares of both!

The last bits of work done in the shop today was to clean off the miter saw / mortiser bench, as well as finishing cutting the access holes for the spray in foam insulation for the narrow wall segment between the garage doors. I am now ready to spray and then close that wall back up! Cleaning the miter saw / mortisingt station took some doing as I have been using it without much in the way of dust collection, and it has been building up, a LOT... However I do have it clean now...
The miter saw bench is clean. If only it was square!
I have to tear it back down and re-glue it. I am thinking
the plywood sucked up all the glue and starved the joints.

The mortiser section of the cab is
completely square and hasn't racked. 

Next steps are to hook the dust collection back up, clean off the miter saw station and figure out dust collection for it, do the between doors wall, and move a certain freezer in... One piece at a time though! It will get done, just takes time...

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