13 February, 2014

Little bit of shop time. Got the narrow wall drywalled, mostly, and sized up / dry fit the band saw dust collection riser.

So while last night's dinner was cooking (I popped a pizza in the oven...) and my lovely bride was sorting laundry (I get to help fold woo hoo!) I managed to squeeze a little shop time in for a couple more steps toward done. First things first, I finished sizing up the patches, installing the bracing behind the drywall, and then installing / mudding the patches for the drywall... At least above the AC ducts.

Yes that pink thing is an old blanket that I have wrapped around the hot side line. 

I should mention that once I got that drywall up, and happy, the drafts stopped completely. The shop is notably better off for it too!  My task once this coat dries is to work in this confined space and smooth the mud flat, tape, and re-mud, sand etc... The space below that visible duct is virutally bereft of dryall (Yeah I was looking for a reason to use a fancy word...), I will have to do some extra careful measuring to insure I get it all lined up right, and then get the drywall in place, taped, mudded, sanded and lastly, paint the wall segment, including the part above the doors... Yes the whole interior of the shop is going bright semi gloss white. I am actually tempted to, when I get the attic stairs redone, and the ceiling re-rocked, I am tempted to paint the ceiling semi gloss white instead of flat. And even the flooring... Yes I am on a kick. And yes I am enjoying the effect the bright white has on visibility...

After sufficient gobs of drywall mud were applied, and the box of mud was sealed back up, I moved on tot he next issue. I am unhappy with my dust collection routing I did the other day already. Specifically I put the blast gate for the band saw FAR too low to be actually useful. Now my DC is split into 2 runs, an upper, and a lower. My lower run is literally run along the floor, and this is where the band saw gets is port from. I didn't want to tear it all out without having a replacement prepped, so I did so with a surplus used blast gate, and some extra fittings I had laying in boxes not to mention cut off pipe...

I failed to take before photos of the blast gate, but it was NASTY. I had gobs and gobs of both clear silicone, and white latex caulk stuck to it. I had to razor knife shave most of it off, then use a wire wheel on my Dremel to get the rest of the gunk off so the pipes would fit, but they do very nicely!

I use caulk to seal up my dust collection duct work, and sadly found that my spare tubes of Alex Plus (cheap) latex caulk had spilt and are uusable, I need to get to the hardware store and buy a new tube so that I can finish the job up But for now, the joint you see is simply sealed with HVAC tape.  

Each joint in the system is through drilled and a 1/2" long screw is run through to secure the joint from separating or rotating. I did not do this on my first time installation of the system and caused myself problems this should solve.

I have an early day today, so maybe, just maybe I can get into the shop, and start shoving non shop totes and coolers into the attic, and start ripping the plywood for the framing on my miter saw dust hood. Tomorrow is, as I am married, a non shop day, I get to take my lovely bride out somewhere nice. Why do they put Valentine's day during the worst weather of the year? Galveston is nasty in February. Too cold to go stroll the gulf beaches! But I digress, this weekend I will pick up the 1/8" acrylic, and some 1" wood screws, a box of pocket screws as I have no clue where mine went, and I will try to get this hood done. Knowing my luck, the hood will be all nice and solid, and I will be living with the out of square, wobbly bench for the next 2 years before I get around to getting it done!

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