06 February, 2014

Starting points. A look back at the workshop from February 2008.

So I ran across a post I made, my first shop tour as it was, on www.woodworkingtalk.com and I am shocked at how far I have come in the years since, especially when you consider all of the other time and financial constraints. All I can say is WOW this has changed quite a bit over the last few years!

For starters, My workbench was a simple Simpson Strong tie 2x4 and 3/4" sheathing grade plywood thing, with an ancient Ace Hardware 6" bench grinder, and an unknown MFG machinists vise that I still own, admittedly now cleaned up and painted a nice bright orange so it is easily visible... Storage was just wherever it ended up on the wall, and I had my canoe hanging from the shop ceiling because, well I needed it up off the floor!
None of this is the same now.
I still have the heater, parts bins, and Snap On clock though!
Just moved elsewhere...

My table saw back then, was a brand new Ryobi BTS21. I was stupid thinking this was the upgrade to the BT3100. While it was a very effective saw, and I did end up selling it to a friend for cheap money, he still uses it a LOT... But it isn't what I wanted... 
The BTS21 did feature a nice folding stand.
It was easy to set up and put to use!

The router table was a separate arrangement. A simple Wolfcraft table, actually the table and router were sold to the same friend. The router table, skil saw, Ryobi router, and Craftsman 6 piece bit set were actually the first woodworking tools I ever bought. I still have the Skil Saw. 

Router, and table set up to use.

The miter saw and stand I still have, but have it relegated to metal cutting duties and stashed away most of the time, is a Black and Decker Firestorm 10" non slider. It does cut VERY accurately, and has been reliable, however, it is a non slider, and it is made by Black and Decker, a company that has a now very tarnished name in the power tool space...

The miter saw and stand when new. They do work well.

My first feeble attempt at dust collection was a Shop Vac hangup model I bought from Lowes. The appeal here was the fact I could mount it on the wall space between the garage doors. Sadly with the puny 1.25" hose, actual air flow was hard to come by... I sold it on Craigslist. Honestly, If they sold one of these with a 2.5" hose, I would sell my Ridgid 12 gallon shop vac in a hot second...
While lacking in airflow,
the Shop Vac hangup IS space efficient!

From this point, I pretty much consider my start. I have bought, sold, and even given away various tools and fixtures over the years since this stage in my shop development. I have learned what I like, and what I don't care for. And I am reaching the point of shopvana... I am very blessed to have the facility I have, and the friends that I have that have helped me along the way... Thank you God for blessing me with this, and show me how to bless others through this gift!

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